Can you solve the anagrams to identify different types of clock?
roidoub –  earcigar – gasclone
ranlent – envain – lostknee
artbeck – rainyravens – letarc   

Which of these terms is not associated with clocks;
pediment, spandrel, clapper, fret, lenticle, trunk, finial

2.Initials of a famous clockmaking company.
4. This engages with a gear wheel
8. This striking part drops just before the hour
9. The ‘tick tock’ part of a clock
12. This provides power for a clock
13. Necessary for lubrication
14. Part of the pendulum

1. This will hold a lever onto a post
3. This will engage with a ratchet
4. In time these may wear the holes in the clock plates
5. A clock found in a church
6. This holds the dial glass
7. Found at the corner of a longcase dial
10. The name of a famous English clockmaker
11. An American clock with an S shaped moulding